The Lover From Hell

This is a revamp of an unsuccessful cover project that I did some months ago. The book title was also replaced together with the cover art concept. Within a week since its release,… Continue reading


This is sold as a boxed set in Amazon, originally I made a 3D version of it but the author decided that I create a new boxed set style. Ladies of the Royal… Continue reading

Home Organization

The Happy House Series is written by Judy Wilson, an interior decorator from Kansas City Missouri. There are 5 declutter books in this series and the sixth is a compilation. 7 Simple Steps… Continue reading

Boxed Sets

How To Get Any Woman You Want Boxed Set BUY THIS BOOK IN AMAZON About this book: Men are just as anxious to make a good impression on the female of the species,… Continue reading

3D Covers

Using 3D cover for your ebook has its advantage and disadvantage. You can get a good impression because your cover looks unique but on the other hand, your title might not be¬†legible¬†enough in… Continue reading

Caricature: The Beatles

Perhaps the most challenging ebook cover that I’ve done. Took some time off from the computer to turn back to my old sketchbook. Got a little shaky with the pencil for a few,… Continue reading

Fiction: Vampire Warfare

This is one of the custom fiction book that I enjoyed designing. The whole graphic is composed of several separate images to create the cover art. The story revolves around Rosalie, a high… Continue reading

Cook Books

American Mom Recipes Delicious and Nutritious “American Mom” Breakfast Recipes BUY THIS BOOK IN AMAZON Delicious and Nutritious “American Mom” Lunch Recipes BUY THIS BOOK IN AMAZON Delicious and Nutritious “American Mom” Dessert… Continue reading

Diabetes Health

The Diabetics Bible: Treatment, Care and Management of Diabetes for Longer, Healthier Life (Living with Diabetes) BUY THIS BOOK IN AMAZON The Diabetes Lifestyle Guide:How To Be a Happy, Healthy and Energetic Diabetic… Continue reading

Fitness Ebooks

  Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days series: Lose Ten Pounds in 10 Days Diet Plan: Quick and Easy Weight Loss for Women BUY THIS BOOK IN AMAZON Lose 10 Pounds in 10… Continue reading