The Lover From Hell

The Lover from Hell

This is a revamp of an unsuccessful cover project that I did some months ago. The book title was also replaced together with the cover art concept. Within a week since its release, the book has been getting attention and some positive feedback from its readers. I believe this new cover design can help redeem this good book’s under rated caliber.

The Lover From Hell is Rob Palmer’s first fiction/thriller book. Readers have been requesting the author to launch his own Facebook fanpage and a website hoping to receive updates of a possible sequel of  this book.

Will update this post for the links when the sites are up.

Amazon sneak peak:

When love turns to obsession, murder and mayhem is not far behind…

For widower Jack Soul, a chance meeting with a beautiful and exotic redhead dancer seems like a chance for a new start…a new life, a new love. But he soon discovers that there is much more to Angel Heart than stunning looks and an insatiable sexual appetite. When she decides that he is The One – the man she is destined to love for ever – his fate becomes inextricably and devastatingly entwined with hers.

Jack learns she not only has a secret life that will shock him to the core, but that her actions are driven by a dark past that shapes a twisted future. Soon he finds himself on a dangerous path where death and desire intersect, and where his very life depends on his ability to deal with terrors beyond his worst nightmares…